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Is A Reverse Mortgage Right For You?

Before we list out the benefits of a reverse mortgage, let us understand what it is?

It is a type of mortgage where homeowners can borrow against the value of their home. No repayment of the loan is required until the borrower dies or home is sold. The calculations of the loan are made in such a way that the loan amount will not exceed over the life of the loan. This kind of a mortgage provides income that borrowers can tap into during their retirement. It is another way in which you can get some money from your home. In the past you had to sell your home or use it as a collateral for a loan. (more…)

Benefits Of A Reverse Mortgage

The Benefits Of A Reverse Mortgage

Security, above all, is what every senior citizen aspire when they reach this phase of their lives. They look forward to reaping the fruits of their hard work and to take the much needed break from all the years of dedication and perseverance they put on their careers and families. This is a reality that goes out to all seniors.

Lucky are those who had made a great deal of investment and who had saved more than enough to sustain their needs after retirement. On the other hand, there are seniors who are facing economic predicament, particularly in getting access with the equity in their homes.
To address this problem, a special type of mortgage was developed. A reverse mortgage is a type of home loan that allows elderly (62 years old and above) to make use of the home equity they have built and put off the loan payment until they die or move out of the home.


Common Mistakes That Most Home Buyers Make

Common Mistakes That Most Home Buyers Make

Home is definitely the most comforting place for any person. Buying a new home is a challenge that involves the whole of your family. If you are purchasing home for the first time, you are most likely to make many mistakes. Any wrong decision or mistake can bring disharmony and loss. Purchasing home is a pricey investment. Most of the people invest their lifetime’s savings into it, to give comforting place to their younger generation to live in and others take the help of loans to meet their needs. To invest in real estate is a very complex process. Below discussed are some of the mistakes that most of the home buyers make.


10 things the experts won't tell you when buying a home fortwayne homes

10 Things The Experts Won’t Tell You When Buying A Home

Do these apply to you? You’re buying a home. You’re hoping to get the best price. You’re not in the real estate industry. You’re reading this blog. If all of these are true then you’re about to get some amazing advice! We have a guest blogger today from Nashville, TN and she’s ready to tell you everything. Thanks Teresa for helping us here in Fort Wayne with this in-depth insider list of tips. Enjoy!

Your money shouldn’t move. You know what the worst thing you can do right now as your trying to get your loan approved for a new home? Pretty much buy anything you can’t find at the grocery store. Big purchases mean big chances with your credit report. Your credit is the one thing that needs to stay stable during the home buying process and many new home buyers make the terrible mistake of big purchases. Do not, I repeat, do not get any new lines of credit or anything that would initiate a credit check. So stay away from those big ticket items and definitely keep the credit cards for emergencies only. You can get your new car afterwards and if you really need that engagement ring your partner can wait until after the home is closed.


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Real Estate Horror Stories Vol I

What keeps you up at night? Are you afraid of the dark? Do you think you’re being haunted by ghosts? What’s the scariest to all of us here is these stories of woe and trouble in the real estate industry. Sit back, read closely and you might just learn something…or lose sleep tonight.

The amount of instability and fear in the real estate market has been at a fever pitch since around 2008. We can all agree that the Great Recession and the housing bubble burst has pitched everyone who owns a home or is thinking about buying a home into some terrifying territory. Still, even if you think you’ve gotten the short end of the stick you’ll count yourself lucky after you read these Ghastly But Real : Horror Stories From Real Estate. Buyer beware? How about seller and agent beware, too! Keep reading if you have the guts for truly terrifying tales of all things bad in the real estate industry.